Camping with The Hunting Public in Wisconsin Turkey Camp

R.U.T. Adventures: Western WI Public Land Turkey Tour

AJ Gall 6.1.2018

Here we go! Wisconsin was entering its 5th weeklong turkey period of 2018 and we had a date with some wild birds in the hills of southwestern Wisconsin. There were plenty of tags leftover for period 5 in Zone 1, so a few of us from Legendary Whitetails decided to meet up with The Hunting Public crew to send the last stop of their 2018 Turkey Tour out with a bang!

The Legendary R.U.T. Wagon served as the camp HQ and kept things pretty comfortable for the crew…or as comfortable as you can get with 3-hours of sleep. It did make for a pretty darn nice midday napping station though! Those Cam-O-Cots are a thing of beauty when it comes to cramming 4 guys into a trailer full of hunting and camera gear.

As for the turkey hunting action on the trip, check out the two videos below. Some lucky #longbirds got away, but some didn’t!

⇓Check out the action below⇓

Some Photos

Zack broke the ice at the 2018 WI Turkey Camp with an up-close-and-personal midday sneak attack

 The boys needed to get their feet wet for this one. Photo: Jake Huebschman 

Smiles, spurs, and . . . hair. Photo: Jake Huebschman 

Telling hunting stories at camp with the RUT WagonThe recap – the best part about being in camps. Photo: Jake Huebschman 

Aaron Warbritton with a Wisconsin TurkeyAaron and Justin admire their double. Photo: Jake Huebschman

Aaron Warbritton with a Wisconsin TurkeyCheesin’

Camping with The Hunting Public in Wisconsin Turkey CampPretty typical looking RUT Wagon Camp

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