Dan Coffman Buck

286″ Giant Ohio Buck!

AJ Gall 10.29.2015

When it’s all said and done, this may be the buck that breaks the internet in 2015.  According to information that is circulating Facebook (believe what you want) the Dan Coffman Buck was shot in Fairfield County, Ohio during the evening of October 27th and reportedly green scores 286 as a non-typical.  It gets better…apparently the entire hunt was filmed, as Dan Coffman is a pro-staff member for The Break TV.  Let’s just hope that cameraman had steady hands!

Dan Coffman Buck | 286 Giant Ohio Whitetail Buck

For all the naysayers and haters that are claiming it was a farmed buck, reports are that an Ohio Conservation Warden was on site during the recovery of this 100% fair chase world-class buck.

We compiled the biggest bucks shot from 2014 and the Coffman Buck surpasses them all.  So far, 2015 is producing record book bucks across the country and the rut is just starting!  Who knows, maybe you’ll be next.

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