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10 Wild New Year’s Appetizers

Legendary Whitetails 12.28.2014

1 – Smokey Wild Turkey Quesadillas

Got some left over wild turkey? This recipe is great for watching a ball game with the boys or even feeding the kids lunch.

2 – Baconated Backstraps

Yummmm!  Use as a crowd-pleasing appetizer (just put on a skewer) or main course.

3 – Sweet and Spicy Wings


An unbelievable combination of sweetness mixed with a little spice that will have you reaching for more!

4 – Bacon Wrapped Deer Poppers


A Delicious twist on Jalapeno poppers!

5 – Venison Pin Wheels


6 – Veni Bites

Make sure to make twice as much as you think you need and you will still run out.

7- Gluten Free Duck Fingers

A twist to the traditional chicken fingers. My kids absolutely love this recipe!!! And for my family full of celiacs, this is awesome!

8 – Mexican Pheasant Dip

This is a great Crock Pot recipe for all types of parties from tailgate to birthday parties.

9 – Bacon Stuffed Mushrooms

The melted cheese and bacon anyone??? These mushrooms are easy to make and delicious!

10 – Great Balls of Sauce

A holiday treat that is sure to please! Doubling, tripling, or even quadrupling this recipe is advised!

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