Focusing On The Female: Hunting Apparel For The ‘She’

Legendary Whitetails 11.19.2014

Most women love to shop, but would you expect them to be the primary customer of a hunting apparel company?  Well, they are – and they aren’t just buying clothes for their husbands and kids.  The women’s line is the fastest growing of all the Legendary Whitetails clothing lines and the merchandising team is working hard to give them what they want.

While camouflage is a common theme of Legendary Whitetails apparel, there are plenty of other fashionable options for the everyday woman.

In a radio interview with 620 WTMJ, director of merchandising, Mitch Huffman talks about the growing number of women interested in the sport and outdoors in general.

WTMJ: Why have women’s interests in hunting fashion increased in this male-dominated sport?

Mitch: I believe more and more women are getting involved in the sport.  In the past, women were forced to wear men’s clothing that didn’t fit very well.  It is just not going to be a pleasant experience when you’re wearing something that’s completely oversized and you’re trying to walk miles, and in some cases, in the woods. If you’re having a bad experience, or you’re uncomfortable and you’re sitting in your stand for hours, you’re more likely to want to give up.

WTMJ: How do you keep up with the growing demand for women’s wear?

Mitch: Retailers, including us, are spending more and more time making sure that we’re representing the women correctly, and we’re asking the right questions, going out to the market and asking, what do women want?

The continually growing line of women’s clothing now includes: sweatshirts, tops, outerwear, activewear, headwear, loungewear, footwear, accessories, gifts and gear, swimwear, and hunting apparel.


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