Wisconsin Youth Hunt

2015 Wisconsin Youth Deer Hunt

AJ Gall 10.9.2015

Temperatures are expected to be around 60-70 degrees this weekend in Wisconsin creating comfortable conditions to take a young hunter to the woods.  October 10th and 11th is the weekend of the 2015 Wisconsin annual youth hunt.  There’s no better time to get the next generation hooked on a Wisconsin tradition!   Deer hunter numbers have been steadily declining in Wisconsin the last decade, making it more important than ever to take a kid (ages 10-15) out in the woods for a quality hunting experience.

The youth hunt is one way to increase hunting involvement immediately and hopefully keeps the kids coming back. The youth hunt allows a unique opportunity for kids to enjoy a gun hunt without the pressure of other hunters.  Also, youth can give hunting a “test run” so-to-speak by participating in the Mentored Hunting Program.  This program allows hunters to participate in a hunt with a licensed mentor before completing a hunter safety course.  The mentored hunting program is for all ages of hunters, but only the youth may hunt with a firearm this weekend.  October 10th and 11th should offer favorable weather for the kids to get out and enjoy the outdoors, and hopefully a successful hunt!

Please read the regulations before your hunt and be sure to share your success photos with us using #BuckCountry!

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